How far away from a wall does the Form2 need to be for the lid to open fully, whats a good table height?

Hi all, ordering a Form2 and want to make a work counter or table for it, before it arrives ,wanted to ask users what they feel is a good height for the table, specifically for working with the Form2. l’m thinking of a standard counter height some where around 3 feet. I’m 6’ tall.
Also I need to have the table up against the wall and am wondering how much clearance does the machine require from a back wall for the lid to fully open. I’m a little tight on space so I am thinking of a slightly narrow counter top maybe 18 - 20 inches wide, but am thinking may be the lid won’t open fully?

It needs about 4" of clearance behind and 10" of clearance above.

I usually keep my Form 2 on a table that is 3ft or 4ft tall.

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Thank you Craig

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