Required Space for Form 3

I’m looking at building a vented cabinet for a few things, including the Form 3. What is the required space to operate the Form 3? I.e including any space at the back for cables, space at the top/back to open it, etc.

Basically the total volume required to both house and operate the printer.

El mejor espacio para trabajar con la f3 es el espacio exterior, porque las deben de estar enviando a la luna.
Aqui es mas dificil que te envien una que encontrate a Trump adoptando un niño Mejicano.

Take a look at “Minimum Access Dimensions” on the Tech Specs page. In my experience these tend to be liberal… so if you’re nimble you might be able to get a way with less clearance in some dimensions.

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The actual dimensions of the printer are a pretty good guide, except for vertically, where you will probably want another 8-12 inches of space for the cover to fully open.

Also, you’ll want to take into account the various plugs in the back, whether that’s power, usb, or ethernet. If you work in those two things you should be all set!

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Thanks, that is great!. The minimum access adds a lot and is a wee bit deeper then I’d want, but I’ll bet I can squeeze cords in less. Or cut a hole in the back of the cabinet :slight_smile:

The cords come out towards the side not directly back. See picture.
Vertical clearance, 29" would be tight, 30" is good.


Oh, that is even better. I’m trying to squeeze it (and a few other things, especially the form wash but also a Photon) into an 50cm deep IVAR cabinet and then vent the cabinet via grow-op style carbon filter. If I wait until I receive a Form 3… well, lets say I’d like it operational before that :slight_smile: