How long has anyone run their Form 1?

I’m working on a project that requires 600 hours of print time.  Does anyone know if this will damage the printer in any capacity?  Any tips or warnings about it before I start running this for the next 20+ days.  I DO NOT want to damage my printer, but I haven’t been able to find information on this either.

The laser they used have a lifetime over 10.000 hours. But it will degrade over time.  ( it’s the more critical part )

I wasn’t lucky but my printer failed a 1 month after i first used it, i’m waiting for a replacement.

I’m curious to know what will make you 600 hours of printing ( if it’s not too secret )

I am not sure I would trust a 20+ day print on any printer.  I have an issues trusting a 20+ hour print.  There is a lot that can happen and I would hate to waste a lot of resin.  The printer should be fine but I am just guessing as I have not come near to a 21 day print.  Now I can say, I have printed parts for more then 20 days straight but there was down time in-between prints.  Please share what you are going to print if you can.  Again I am guessing but I do not think you will damage the printer but I think if the print fails on day 19 you are going to want to push the printer out a window ( I know I would want to).  Can the part be broken up into pieces?

I will also say my printer’s laser failed within a month of me getting the printer. I’ve already gotten a replacement printer which I have had 2 succesful prints with so far. If the laser is rated at 10,000 hours I’m wondering why I’ve seen more than a couple people post on the forums here that have also had their lasers fail. I hope this time the laser can last much longer. Good luck on the print though, I can’t wait to hear about the results of printing for 600 hours. If you succeed I will be more confident that the printer will last much longer without a laser fail.

My first printer got all screwed up from the firmware update, and my second had a laser that seemed to be working but it wasnt curing, I’m waiting on my third. When they work they’re awesome but the working part is kind of important! But I don’t see why running continuously would cause any additional problems.

Here’s where I’m at:

Turns out I have a 90 day warranty, which I did not know.  I began running my printing continuously for the last week and half.  I’ve had very little problems until recently.  Out of the blue, my printer started producing a lot of jelly.  This project is for a game that I kickstarted called NanoBot Battle Arena.  More details at

I have about 180 figurines to produce for our backers.  I managed to create very fine letter on the base, and some pretty high quality figurines of our NanoBots.  We had issues having the figurines molded/cast and figured for such a small quantity it would be best to 3D print them.

Those are really cool!

Now onto the issues:  I would open up a support ticket.  The skin tag looking things are typically not good.  Support will help out determining the exact problem.  Unfortunately, I believe your laser is bad.  I hope I am incorrect.

Let us know how you make out.


Yikes.  Well I have a ticket open right now, and spoke with them this morning.  And thanks, its been a lot of work just to create some promo materials.  I think I’ll be implementing the models into the video game later this year.