How good is rigid 10K resin and high temp resin at dissipating heat

Hi I’m working on a project where I need a dye insert just wondering if either the rigid 10K or the high temp are good at dissipating heat well, the temperature that I’m working with is well within the range of the resin . We are currently using the base gray resin and it doesn’t dissipate the heat well enough for us. If you could provide any answers that would be very helpful.

Hey @zstone!

So I asked around the office a bit to try and get some answers for you. One of my colleagues pointed me towards this Italian blog post we put up.

In the interest of not making you translate the whole thing(unless you speak Italian in which case, have at it!) I’ve got a translation of the relevant paragraph. It’s not a perfect answer to your question, but it may offer some small insights!

Thanks to the use of a thermal imaging camera, Pirazzini discovered that the Rigid 10K Resin allows a significant thermal break. In fact, using the manifold with cooling fins that he printed using the Form 3, he recorded a reduction of about 40/50 degrees compared to a classic aluminum manifold. Just think that after a mainsail of about 20-25 minutes at an external temperature of about 33 degrees, it was possible to touch the collector without getting burned because it was cold.

EDIT: Found the English version of the full blog!

Hope that helps a bit!! :slight_smile:

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