Resin advice for electronic enclosure install in Distribution Board a bit high temperature

I’m just got my Form3 today. Fun with clear resin. Now I have to get back to work. I need advice to make an enclosure for my electronic pcb installed in factory electrical distribution board. It’s may reach 45-50C. and I need to tap M3 thread to the print. Is it possible to make it from Form3 and use it for longterm. Which resin should I try ? Tough 2000 or Rigid10K or something else.

Exposed to the elements, or in a climate-controlled environment?

What kind of mechanical loads does it need to be able to withstand?

Shock/Vibe requirements (like if it’s attached to a mechanical device like an engine)?

I tap fully-cured prints all the time and it’s no problem. But you need a lot of threads for a secure bite, otherwise the tapped threads strip out really easily. Also, the resin needs to be fully cured or the tapped threads just gall up with soft gooey resin from inside the print.

It kind of depends…is it under load at 50C? How thick are the walls?

Both can be tapped for M3s, but like Randy said, they can strip out pretty easy if you’re not careful.

Generally speaking, if your part isn’t undergoing any impacts and needs to be stable at 50C for long periods of time, Rigid 10K will out perform Tough 2000 any day.

it’s semi control climate. just heat, no rain or wind. and there are only static load. no mechanic load after install. it’s just an enclosure. Think about Raspberry Pi enclosure mounting to DIN Rail. It’s static unless in service.

Should I pick for stiffness or flexibility ? Look like Rigid 10K give really good stiffness but will cracked easily. And another resin call Durable are opposite.

If you’re worried about cracking due to stiffness, you might consider Rigid 4000 as a compromise. I just printed a 10-bay 3.5" hard disk drive holder in that material. I went with it as it has slightly better HDT than Tough 2000, yet a bit more flex tolerance than Rigid 1000. Of course as @leonhart88 said, HDT of Rigid 10K blows both of them out of the water.

TBH if it’s just an enclosure on a DIN rail, you can probably get away with Tough 2000 or any Standard resin.

Those are spec’ed to have a HDT of 63C and 73C, respectively.

If there isn’t any load on the enclosures, you should be fine.

It really depends on your design though - I know with thin walled parts, either of these can warp even during curing in the Form Cure.

So TLDR - it depends on your design and loads - but you’re probably OK with Tough 2000 or Standards.

Thanks everyone I will try touch2000 compare standard resin