10k resin

10k is easy to remove with fingernail. It is not as hard as sample sent of bottle opener.

Will heating it up to 105c fix this. Currently I did 70c 60 min

Is anyone sealing it with paint or finish of some kind

Thanks aloha

Rigid 10k feels like a stick of chalk in my hand after curing for 60 min at 70°C. My pocket knife shaves imperfections off just as well as a file does. This part had minimal supports and the layer shift observed at the top of the sphere can be cleaned up with a fingernail as you mention. The sample part I received was a thick bottle opener with no thin walls so I hadn’t realized how brittle it was. The texture interested me enough to buy a liter since it was unlike any other thermoplastic I had worked with. The matte white color seemed like it would make a nice white Christmas ornament. For now I am just making trinkets. I can prime/paint it and let you know how it goes. Rigid 10k is very brittle. Dropping this 100mm spherical bauble from a height of 4 foot table and impacting an electrical power strip caused one of the beams to break.