How do you update Preform to latest version

I dont see any update button in the menus, Do you just re download? Uninstall first?


This is my assumption. I don’t recall a check for update button. I’ve also not had it long enough to have been through an update yet.

I think it’s a bug. I launched my Preform last night (I’m in Europe) and it asked if I wanted to update. When I said yes, it navigated to a page showing an Access Denied error from some Amazon AWS server. The URL:

So I think someone released the new build but didn’t set permissions correctly or something. Anyway, AFAIK there’s no way to download at the moment.

For new releases, you will get an update prompt but if that’s not functioning for some reason you can also download the latest version directly from our release notes page.

I did get that update prompt, but did not want to do it at that moment, So I guess I will uninstall and download the new version.


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