Check for Updates Button

Most software suites have a “Check for Updates” option somewhere in the menu. It would be lovely to have this feature for PreForm, rather than relying on the random (startup?) popup that a new version is available.

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Have you not been informed of any updates? I ask because if not, then developers tend to not consider this necessary.

I have been informed, on a seemingly random basis. Sometime the popup for updates presents on launch, sometimes randomly during use of PreForm.

For context here, I’m running 8 Form 2’s. When I have an issue, I’d like to be able to manually check if there’s an update, not have to restart the software to maybe get the popup that an update is available.


A workaround for now is to go to About and click on release notes, then compare that version to your own version and see if they match. Not great, but something I suppose.

@crhickman @cjryker06 @gjgomes I just wanted to let you know - we added a “Check for Updates” link under the Help menu to PreForm a month or two ago!


Great news. I went to go use and what do you know, I was a version behind!

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