Everytime it says I need an update. I hit download and it just goes away and closes the program. Then, I reopen PreForm and it opens fine with no update message. Then, when I use it again sometime later it opens with the very same update message, with the same version number? It doesn’t tell me its updating or doing anything…

At least on my Win7 PC, PreForm launches a browser process to do the download and I then have to execute the update manually. Look in your default browser’s DOWNLOADS folder and I bet you see an EXE you’ll need to run.

My browser is chrome and I have it send everything to the desktop. No idea what its doing. Between this and the wifi not working it’s really aggravating.

I use Chrome too. And right now sitting in the downloads folder is a file called “PreForm_setup_2.11.0.exe”. Is it possible it’s on your desktop but you’re just not seeing it?

I think there’s a direct download for both PreForm and the printer FW someplace on the site here. It shouldn’t be hard to find but I can’t steer you in any particular direction I’m afraid.

  1. Close Preform
  2. Google “Formlabs Preform”. Go to that link
  3. Click “Download” and once it is done install the software
  4. Enjoy!

Was there a problem with it updating on its own or ? I get going to redownload the whole program, but does the updater not work?

Mine is doing the exact same thing. After I hit ok several times and nothing happened, I just downloaded the update manually and it worked.

That’s what I’ve had to do on my Win 7 PC.