How do you remove a failed print that got stuck to resin tank

Just got my form 1 today.  First test print, the model detached itself from the base, and seems to be stuck in the resin tank.  What do I do?  Don’t want to damage the machine trying to get it unstuck or to clean it.

Take your spatula/putty knife and carefully slide it under the adhered resin. It ought to pop off relatively easy.

Just be sure to keep the spatula at a low angle so as to not cut into the PDMS.

After you’ve got the cured resin out, it’s a good idea to either run a comb through the remaining resin in the vat, or pour it through a strainer. This will help remove any small bits of cured resin that may be floating in the tank (which can cause another failure).

Personally I use a funnel and fine mesh strainer for filtering my resin after long prints and/or failures.