Horizontal undulation (wave line)

Hello, finally I got form1 and I’ve just printed iPhone5 cover with it.

Simply one question, please refer to the photo.  There are many and deep

horizontal wave lines on the side, however there are much less lines on the

case top side (left part of the photo), and on case’s back, it is smooth like

mirror surface !! Those surfeces are the same thickness, and so I think

it is not caused by too-thin model design.

Does this difference come from surface’s angle or machine’s "directional

character" or something ?  Can I improve it ?  Or any mistake or missunderstnding

I may take,could anyone point it out please.


Could you send us a message at support@formlabs.com? I would very much like to take a look at your .STL file so we can help resolve your printing issues.

Thank you very much Jory, Just sending mail to you !

Hey Leo,

Check your resin tray. I bet it’s loose. This happened to me too, and the resin tray was moving from vibrations of the printer motor. Do not shove the tray in all the way, but instead make sure the clips are holding it in place. You can wiggle it a bit to make sure the clips are holding. After I did that the problem went away.

Hello Monger Designs,

Thank you for your suggestion, however my tray’s setting was right in place.  I printed the same STL with double-checked resin tray,

but the similar line appeared…  But anyway, thank you very much for your comment.