Hollow Binary STL

What is the best software to hollow STL binary files? Because when I hollow a STL with Meshmixer and then i load in Preform, i have always the message: INTEGRITY PROBLEM. And the print is full solid, not hollowed.

What’s the problem?

Hi @Errore!
Welcome back to the forums - that is a good question! We were wondering if you have had a chance to go through our How to Hollow Out 3D Models with Meshmixer to Save Material and Time (formlabs.com) page? This should give you a good walkthrough of getting around that message - hope this helps!

I know, i use Meshmixer but usually it doesn’t hollow as I request. I can upload a STL file so that you can try to help me looking for the problem issue.

Hi @Errore,

I would recommend getting in touch with our Support team in order for them to review your STL file and identify any potential issues.