Auto Hollow Function for STL Files similar to in fill on extruder based printers

It would be great to be able to shell a model, and control wall thickness post shell right in preform.  Right now it is a real pain to do in normal CAD software.  I know NetFabb pro does it, but not all of us have that feature.  Maybe with your partnership with NetFabb you can roll in this feature.  Also being able to keep the bottom of the model and add a drain hole would be great.


I would also really like this feature!

Jup. I would like to have such a feature too. Auto-shell and infill density should be an option.


Meshmixer will hollow the stl files as well as add the holes.
You can specify the wall thickness and hole size.
You can also smooth and tweek the surfaces.
It also can cut or slice your stl files into smaller pieces if needed.
The best this is that it is free.
That is really the only thing I use this software for, but it has worked good for me.

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That’s what I use to hollow out my models. It works great.