PreForm - The Hope of an Holy Hole

Dear FromLab team,

hope that the title of the topic isn’t too wired :wink:

The mean is: the Form1 machine need expencive resin, so… why not to implement an automatic function that make empty the volumes?

Something like “wall thickness” Advanced Value that let us able to create holes inside the meshes and choose the walls thickness.

If this will create a higher vacuum  effect (an empty volume work as a sucker), the software could also create some little holes in the mesh that allow the air flows.

What do you think about?

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Hey Mattia - this is the same thing I was asking for with a “shell” function - so +1 from me - I’d like this too.

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Hi and thanks.

I’ve missed your topic. Sorry


any news about this argoument? :smiley:

Many cad programs have a thickness function already. ZBrush also has the ability to hollow out an object but there are issues where you will have negative spaces inside a volume that you will be unable to put supports in causing print failures. Until we have the ability to add supports within a model manually this may not work.

In Solidworks this is called “shell”