Holes in print

Hello all,
We’re definitely out of resources here. We use our Form2 printer for ear molds. The first step is to print a casting with clear resin.
Since a few weeks, I have been getting holes in my prints. I have two printers, both are up to date, calibrated, stabled and cleaned. Both of them are doing it. Today I printed the left and right side mold on the same file and I have to redo one of them. The other one is perfect.
Anybody had this issue with their projects?
Thank you!

edit : Here’s some pictures;

Hi RacingRadios,

Have you had a chance to create a support case with our support team about this issue already? They’ll be able to take a deeper look into the holes you are seeing - diagnostic logs could reveal additional information on why the holes could be happening. Passing along the affected form file will also help the team out in diagnosing this issue further.

Hello Phil,
I do believe that after few failures on our printer, we’ve sent you all the logs by request and nothing was found from this unfortunately.
Thank you,

Hello RacingRadios,

Thank you for the clarification - I would say both the form file and the original file itself should also be investigated if that has not been checked already.

The reasoning for the original file is to have a good frame of reference as based on this information, it seems like this should get some additional investigation.

(I am not in direct contact with the team myself on the forums, we just want to make sure we get these inquiries to the best points of contact on our end.)

Hello Phil,
After a failure yesterday, we flipped the print 90 degrees and the print was in the end a success.
Next time I have some issues I will create another case with everything needed.
Thank you,

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