Bad prints or bad printer?

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Well it’s been over a month now since I bought my Form 2 and all I get are bad prints. I’ve wasted hours waiting for prints to come out I’ve cleared the tank running the two kinds of Resin I bought for a lot of money Castable and Black thru filters, I’ve tried using 90-100% alcohol to conclude it’s the printer not the alcohol

I give up.

What do you think? what would you do?

Here’s a picture of a bunch of small parts I just printed with my Form2. Similar in size to some of your examples, though not as geometrically “complex” as yours. Still. The edges are clean, sharply defined, and everything is coming out nice and square.

I encountered a similar situation with the Form1+, after alot a arguing, they took the printer back for service. Did some “Work” and me a replacement printer. Not the printer I purchased. Prints were better in all materials except Castable, still crap.

I was preparing to find another castable resin and waste the money and time to get better results for jewelry, but I bought another printer, Printing and casting with the new printer a few times a week.

I am still using the form1+ for larger pieces that can be molded, injected with wax and casted, or not wanting to waste the time and energy of the printer getting better results.

Really Hoping this new Formulation of the Formlabs castable resin works, because it will be my last attempt.

Wonder if they are offering up sample resins for those of us with so many issues?


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I’ve gotten much better results than that so I’d say there’s something wrong with the printer.

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