High Temp V1 vs V2


High temp V2 has just been released… with improved elongation… Hooray!

Is there a datasheet or forcebench data available for a direct comparison?


HighTemp-DataSheetV02.pdf (225.9 KB)
HighTemp-DataSheetV01.pdf (329.1 KB)


The HDT is going down from 289°C to 238°C.

What is the reason to do this?
The high temperature was a main reason to chose the form2 for our prototypes.
We need materials with HDT higher 260°C

Will the V01 available?


This. That’s a huge drop in effective temperature rating.


It’s for the elongation and brittleness. The materials that improve those traits are rubbery and would severely reduce the HDT. Unfortunately it’s a balancing act between high temp and good shatter resistance.

I don’t think V1 will still be available, just based on Formlabs approach with other resins. :confused:


It on the other side, makes me very happy to see this!

We’ve been struggling a lot with the brittleness of this material. We have applications where we need 150C capability for connectors, but they always break at room temperature during insertion. I really hope it’s improved for this application.


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Can get a confirmation V1 High Temp will continue to be manufactured?

Lots of the initial applications advertised for this material will no longer be possible with this great reduction in HDT.