New resin from formlabs ... speculation?

A teaser from Formlabs over on the facebook feed …

“Our newest Functional Resin. Arriving Tuesday.”


High(er) impact resin?

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extreme flexible resin :wink:

Food safe? There’s a DNA helix, I think, on there (little, on the base). Is that normally on that model?

The helix is typically within the rook model example. It demonstrates the complex internal printed geometry that the Form can do, which is why they … and other vendors use it.


I’d love it to be a more flexible solid resin, i.e. something that is solid plastic (not squishy), but flexible for some applications that aren’t currently possible with the existing resins.

@ScottJanousek @Matthew_Bohrer , I think your wish was granted :smile:


Well… LOL at the price once again… I could need it but thats ridiculous!

Yeah, a nice material definitely, but once more the price seems excessive.

Okay I have to admit that I thought it was 175€ for 500ml at first sight! Its 1000ml instead. Still too much in my opinion since every resin should be more impact resistant as an implicitness but I am not that schocked anymore.

I ordered it. Per the specs it seems good for snap fit which is my primary issue with the current resin. The specs say it is much stronger then Vorex. My concern is that it lists a low T glass temp, which I’m thinking may make it permamently deform or susceptible to creep more easily then the standard resin.

@Joshua_Herskovic, you are right that lower Tg will typically be correlated with higher creep rates. We also publish a heat deflection temperature (HDT), which is lower on tough than clear. This is why we list tough as not appropriate for applications with constant loading.

We know that creep/Tg/HDT are important parameters for many customers so we are always working to improve it.

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