High Temp Resin Better Than Castable For Molding?

Hi I work with Jewelry and was wondering if High Temp Resin would be better for Making a master mold of jewelry than Castable …

Say I want to print some jewelry that is relatively thin and then vulcanize mold it … would it be better to use castable for high temp for this?

Some pieces which need the 25 micron smoothness and would like to avoid casting castable in silver or some other metal before molding (avoid steps cleaning that up)

Just wondering if anyone had experience

I believe that for vulcanized will be the best alternative I use the gray plus my mold and cold silicone I believe would be a better alternative because it does not retraction in the part and because it is easier to make the cut by being transparent.

i’m interested in this topic.if you print jewelries with high temp resin please share the results with us.

Hi there. I also would like to understand if anyone has any experience with high temp resin in making jewelry mold. Thank you very much for sharing.

tôi cũng rất quan tâm

I want any kind of plastic that can cast better jewelry than castbale. Do not know in the future have not