High pitch whine while printer is on

Mostly just curious if this is normal. While my printer is on, it makes a high pitch whine, all the time. Sounds like maybe a high voltage power supply or something. Not quite as high pitch as the whine crts used to make. It is loud enough to be annoying. Anyone else’s machines do this?


Do you have an earthed socket or an un-earthed socket to which you’re plugging in the printer? Some power adapters make a high pitch noise when plugged into an un-earthed socket.

For a while my desk printer was singing to me. It emitted soft musical tones at the upper end of my hearing range as it printed. The tones changed as the laser moved, and I theorized that it had something to do with the galvos. Sadly the sounds faded away before I could investigate.

The printer is still on my desk and still works great, but sometimes I wonder what the singing Form 1 was trying to tell me.

It sounds like you’re experiencing something different @Steve_Galle. If the sound is continuous, my suspicions would center on the power supply. Can you tell if the sound is coming from inside the machine or from the power brick?


Definitely earthed.

Mine makes the same high pitch whirring that I too decided must be the galvos; It’s softer and I don’t mind it at all. I think you’re right the one I am describing is a power supply thing. Definitely internal, not brick.

Do you think its possible to get the sound on a recording?

Definitely consider opening a support ticket here. This is outside the realm of anything i’ve experienced with my machines, but i’m fascinated to find out what’s going on.


It’s the power brick.
Mine does the same thing. It’s a fairly common “feature” of switching power supplies.

By the way, you can feel the 50 Hz AC on the printer case due to a ground loop.
I’d suggest rethinking your power adapter and the wiring for the next iteration.

Whether the socket you plug into is earthed or not is fairly irrelevant, because the socket on the adapter itself is two-prong (at least on mine - it’s a standard IEC 60320 “figure 8” socket).

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I’ve noticed that too.
It’s definitely galvo-related, but only happens during certain motions and frequencies. I’m guessing it’s either coming from the galvo drivers or it’s EMI from the galvos inducing (superimposing) the noise on the idling stepper(s).

But that’s a different noise altogether than the PSU whine this thread seems to be about.

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