High altitude tips...took the Form 2 on vacation to the mountains

I don’t think that many people might have this issue, but I’m adding it to the forum so if anyone is traveling with their Form 2, or maybe even purchasing and shipping to higher altitudes, they can find this info. (I’m considering doing a workshop in Breckenridge.)

We traveled from Austin, Texas (about 489 feet/149 meters above sea level) to Breckenridge, Colorado (9600 feet/2926 meters). I didn’t think about any issues with the high-altitude, although one of the Form folks had mentioned the word while we were talking last week.

I packed everything back in the boxes, and put the little orange cap on the bottom dispenser part of the cartridge. When I set up the Form 2, I inserted the castable resin V2 cartridge in the back of the printer, and it got stuck after going in only about an inch. I literally couldn’t get the cartridge out. Then I realized that the difference in atmospheric pressure was the problem…opening the top cap of the cartridge let the air out, and I could push the cartridge into the unit.

I haven’t printed yet, but I’ll try and do that tonight. I’m not expecting any problems.

I think your lucky your cartridge did not start to leak in the machine:)

When i go to the mountain i always squeeze my shampoo bottles a little and then close them. That way they have room to expand.

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@Ficus, definitely! I know it has the “bite” valve on the cartridge, and a tiny amount leaked out but I had the plastic cover that it came with. I had stored it in the original bag.

Great tip on the bottles…probably not a bad idea for the cartridges!

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