Help Wax leaning problem

Why does the wax lean?

I have not used the Castable material, but have seen this behavior in the Tough V2 very badly, and in V3 on some parts.

I’m not certain there is anything you can do about it… for certain geometries. It seems to happen during printing, and not post-cure. As far as I can tell, it’s the low modulus, and the fact there is a density/volume change when the resin cures… so the support structure pulls the part off of “true”.

You can fix it by heating the part to near the heat deflection temperature, and then fixture it (hold it straight) while it cools back to room temp.

Not ideal, but workable.

Try more supports on the first layers of the print. What is the angle of the part?

I let the software pick angle. but its about 45. will 15 or 20 be to straight? i can always just try it.

What printer?
Try to hollow the element.
Vertical would be better.


I might suggest rotating the part more horizontally. Then the supports on the ends of the part will not carry as much of the middle heavier area causing it to sag during printing.

the bottom of the print where the supports are attached will not be perfectly flat, you need to sand those surfaces.

I agree on a vertical orientation.

I run into this when printing rectangular pendants at an angle. I have better results printing most things vertical in Castable V2.

It will also have many fewer supports in a vertical orientation, which will be easier to clean up. If possible, you could add a 2mm base to the bottom which would be sanded off. Is this part solid or hollow? There is one technical issue with doing it this way, though. You may end up with a horizontal “band” about 4-5 mm up the piece. Another way to do that would be add manual supports on the bottom that raise the piece above that height…

What will you be doing with this one? Casting with investment?

Hollow element. You save on resin.
Apply ARKADY (see red color).
Reduce grinding.

solution is 10 or 15 degree tilt and your good to go. just enough for a drain off.