Help! Resin spilled inside the unit - how to clean up?

Greetings all, I just order a used FL 1+ and apparently the seller took the tray out and before shipping not knowing their was resin under it and closed the lid and stuck it in the box and shipped it. (I know just ask for a refund and send it back, I did that and we have worked out a deal to try and clean it up for a slashed price. I want to give it a try first.)

Are there any tips on what to do or not do in cleaning up? Here are a few pics

First I am confused on how there was resin in a tray while shipping and it got everywhere… but the only thing you can do is follow the cleaning instructions in the formlabs website unfortunately I would imagine that if it got on the main mirror that much that there is probably a good chance that you will need to clean all the mirrors to which you would need to put in a service ticket and wait for the instructions directly from form labs. What I can tell you is that you will need IPA 70-90% and PEC PADS

If it were me I would ask for a full refund and return the machine back to the seller. If he or she got resin on the mirrors from shipping then they probably didn’t package it correctly and if that is true then you are in for a world of hurt if the smaller mirrors or if the laser got screwed up. Good luck if you try to clean it yourself it takes a lot of time and patients.

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I agree completely with Thomas! Obviously the seller didn’t really think it through when shipping you the printer. That tells me that:

  1. he/she has no common sense…
  2. he/she has no idea how to properly ship this printer (which coul cause damages not visible to the naked eye (as Thomas mentions as well)). Note that the resin has leaked towards the back of the printer (where all the electronics are!
  3. he/she probably doesn’t know how to properly operate (and maintain) the printer and might have damaged the internals.

Obviously, none of this has to be true, but if someone was ‘stupid’ enough to ship your printer causing these results, alarm bells start ringing. Considering the price you’ve probably paid for the printer, I’d ask for a full refund and buy a printer from someone who does know how to care for such a machine properly!

Thank you all for your help, Solid suggestions and I am in agreement with your assessment of the previous owners aptitude. wanting to see if I can make it work. It is under warranty still, will they accept a ticket, does FormLabs make repairs?

Yes, @Soul_Unit, Formlabs does have repair options for in-warranty and out-of-warranty cases. Feel free to reach us as soon as you’re able to discuss with the seller. The support team will be standing by to help however possible.

Great thank you. Nice to see a forum that really works in getting help from the manufacturer! What information do I need to get from the seller to transfer it to my name and be covered under warranty?

You’re very welcome. Formlabs will base the warranty on the serial name of the unit, so that’s all you will need for our team to determine the warranty status. If you’re not familiar with the serial name, you can find the printer’s name on the left side of the back panel in the format “SN: AdjectiveAnimal” or by holding the printer’s button for three seconds from the off mode.

Thank you I have a ticket in now for an an additional problem being that the laser looks out of alignment in the diagnostic test. Hopefully this will all get sorted out so I can begin using it. We are on a deadline.

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