Help me to download preform-software 1.6

HI everyone… today arrives my form 1+. I am very exciting. but i cant download the pre-form software, I click in the download bottom but the software never downloading.

can you send me the direct link for download? I use windows 8.1



I’m surprised it doesn’t work, but here is a dropbox link:
(I no longer have this file in dropbox)

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Here is also a direct link:

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OMG! thanks so much joshK and Jory


can you also post the Mac Version link. Stupid for doesn’t work for me either. GRRRRRRRR!

I no longer have this file in dropbox

Anyone know where I can find the release notes for this version of preform? Just curious what is new and different.

Also, for future references, does Formlabs generally put out any news when a new release is available?

Thank you!

PS - any other insights on if I can ever back-rev Preform (if a new version has a problem, etc), would also be greatly appreciated.

EDIT - oops found it!