Help me about Preform

Guy, help me. I’m in trouble with my computer. Thanks!

Hey !

Can you describe your problem ?

with that many objects you may be running out of memory.

If I load 30 rings then the print is normal but when full load tray error. I hope to help

Is there a way to fix the error? I hope to help

If you’re running out of memory, try closing excessive applications running in the background, or restart your PC and start this process after boot. Depending on how much memory is required, this may not even be a possible process without more memory on your machine. The polygonal count on the model might cause this issue, try reducing the poly count if possible as well?

When doing this process, my memory is only 21%

It looks like a memory issue is likely to be the culprit here. 32 bit applications are capped out at 4GB and it looks like that limit is being saturated. There’s a 64 bit version of PreForm available for OS X but only the 32 bit is available for PC currently. One possible solution might be to reduce the file size on each of these models. Some users opt to layout multiple models in a program like Meshmixer and then export as a single mesh. This can help to better estimate how much memory a given model is going to require.

Oh. I will try and report the result to you. Thanks very much

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