Help diagnosing my gray print problems (Edit - SOLVED!)

Hi all,

Suddenly I have severe problems printing with Gray. See attached images. I have it in a dedicated tank, and other resin/tanks print pretty well. Any idea what’s going on here?

It was a classic case of settling pigment. I did “stir” the resin each time before printing, but the pigment appears not just settled, but sort of adhered to the bottom. I used a plastic putty knife - in a pushing/scraping motion, not toward me in a dragging motion - to clean the PDMS back to clear. Prints great now!


Please add a screen shot of what the object should look like from the PreForm application. The Form file is also useful.

At this point, I have no idea what it should look like.

Oh, right, of course, haha… It was supposed to be a simple cylinder. I no longer have the form file or the CAD.


If you don’t have the formfile any more, how are you going to test if the problem is solved? or does this happen to all your prints in gray?

It happens to all my gray prints. I definitely use the gray setting in PreForm and give the resin a stir. I was just reading another thread where someone suggested exposing the PDMS to air for a while, which I do not do (Resin stays in a dedicated tray). I’ll try this.

Which version of grey resin are you using? Make sure you specify it correctly in PreForm.

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