Hazing in silicone layer

I’ve run just under two liters of resin, and am very good with my scraper–no physical damage to the silicone layer.  I’ve noticed that there is a haze developing in some areas of the silicone (when I displace resin using scraper I can see this), and it seems to impact the print.  I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere else, and I’m wondering if this has been observed by anyone–the surface is smooth, just a bit cloudy.  Ordered aditional vats, and simply avoiding the spot for now.  Think it was caused by a highly detailed print (texture) run parallel to the vat and platform.  Anyone else have a similar experience?


That is normal after you print in one place for too many times. Print in a different area and eventually you will need to replace the resin tank. Or you can try and replace the silicone layer yourself. The directions are floating around the forum somewhere.

also on the unofficial wiki here: http://form1printer.pbworks.com/w/page/73582883/Replacement%20Components

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Thanks for the link.  I remember seeing the article. . . . .  I guess it really snuck up on me.   I’ve been moving my prints around and inspecting the vat bottom before each print–the hazing came on suddenly in my case.  If the Silicone layer does deteriorate this quickly, I’ll be exchanging my own silicone.  I’d be really curious to know how many prints people are running and what everyone else is experiencing with expendables–I’m going through about .5l/week on small parts.



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