Failed prints damage PDMS / Silicone Layer

Each time a print has failed it has damaged the silicone / PDMS layer in the resin tank and rendered that area useless and therefore forces you to avoid this area for future prints reducing the function and lifespan of that tank.

Both my tanks are damaged tank 1. Rev .02a (came with the Form 1) and tank 2. Rev .02. Tank 2 was damaged on its very first print.

Is there a more durable Silicone being investigated or developed to extend the lifespan of the resin tank, Rev .03?

I have even printed on the silicone layer after a print fell into the tank, and I continued printing (on the silicone layer).  After leaving the part to soak in the resin overnight I could slide the part around without any sticking (vertical pushing, not horizontal lifting).  Apparently, given enough time the resin works through the air pockets in the silicone to undermine the stuck printed part.  After the part is not stuck (i.e. it will side from place to place, it is just a matter of being careful to lift it out.  For smaller stuck pieces, the same trick always worked for me – try to slide the part before lifting it.  Just a little nudge will start letting fresh resin undermine the stuck pieces.  Push the part a little, wait for resin to rush in – even if the part has not really moved, and repeat.   Be gentle and persistent.

Thanks Linda will try this technique.

Unfortunately that isn’t the scenario for all failed prints. The last failed print came completely away from the silicone layer as part of the print so I had no control on releasing the failed part which is normally adhered to the silicone layer after the print has finished. (see image attached) But anything that can extend the life of the silicone layer is helpful just seems failed prints more often than not damage the silicone layer and 59 Euros for a new one is a bitter pill to swallow.

Dear @SimonStevens,
we defined an easy silicone replacement for resin vats for SLA printers and try to bring it to the community. The high quality materials are summarized accordingly and currently available under KS which offers you a reliable option for tackling problems with deposition layers in the vat. Please take a look and feedback to us - thx!

@SimonStevens, the additional feature for reduced pulling forces of ReCoat is now also online here!