Hasbro Resin Mixture?

are we the out side world going to be able to acquire the mixture used in the Hasbro custom head resin?

Hi @Kronin1,

I don’t believe that those will be made available to the public just yet, but I am not sure about down the road. I will see what information I can find and get back to you with an update!

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Thanks Cory, I figured it be kept pretty close to the chest for a bit… as a action figure maker, finding different colors for the durable and even the tough 1500 would be a great addition to my resin collection.

Hi @Kronin1,

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any plans for a wide release of these particular colorways. However, I could recommend using our color kit as a way of adjusting the case color of your parts; I make a bunch of minis and figure accessories myself, so I know how tedious is can be to get a smooth base coat. Hopefully this helps out a bit!

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