Guide to using the Form 3 - common pitfalls

I get the impression that many of you are quite experience-hands at 3d printing. When I got the Form 3 I had no experience with 3d printing at all. Here is a short summary of things I’ve learned a little too slowly, and wished I knew when I was first starting out.

(1) Acquire a large number of 190-micron filters to filter your resin. I acquired a little chemistry metalware set, to hold up the print tray, funnel and filter for this process. Periodically empty your print tray and filter the resin after every print failure or resin-type change, to inspect the print tray for cured resin. You both want to get rid of the cured resin on the surface, and inspect for any discolouration between the layers. Once the tray is clean, if the surface looks non-uniform in any way, the print tray is almost-certainly cooked. Replace.

(2) Acquire a lot of PECPADs and disposable rubber gloves. Use the PECPADS to clean the top surface of the roller holder every once and a while. If you do find a leak in your tray (in step (1)) you almost certainly have some contamination on the roller holder. When you clean the roller holder, you might as well wipe out any dust from the interior of the printer, as well. Also use the PECPADs to clean the under side of the print tray, in case any contamination has worked its way onto that surface. You can take the roller-holder off and easily disassemble it, to clean the internals. I do notice that sometimes dust gets on the under-side of the glass. Taking the roller-holder off is the only reliable way to remove this dust.

Those are two lessons, had I learned early-enough would have saved me some grief and money.