Grey Pro dimensional accuracy

Has anyone noticed Grey Pro produce parts with less dimensional accuracy than standard Grey?

I’m tweaking my BabyForm2 ahead of this year’s user summit, and had more Grey Pro on hand than Grey. So I thought I’d try making some bases out of it. I noticed the snap fit is tighter, and found some of the features (thin walls, extruded protrusions) came out thicker than with Standard. Took some measurements with the calipers and it turned out Standard was closer to my design spec on at least some of the features (although I didn’t conduct a scientific comparison).

Is it just me?

I gather one of the features of Grey Pro is slightly increased elasticity, to make it a bit less brittle than Standard. Could that be a factor?

I saw some discussion in another thread about Grey Pro and dimensional accuracy, and could have sworn there was one more about post-curing impacts (but can’t find it now). In any case I think my features were slightly thicker than spec both before and after I cured. Granted, I’m printing these parts directly on the base instead of on supports, which might not be the scenario Formlabs optimized for.