Greater range for z-offset

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I was in the mindset of theoretical, but what you said about actual makes perfect sense. It would still do the trick though.

As far as leveling the platform as a fix… It would have to be something for the user to play with until they said “good enough”. Perfection in impossible but the user would insist FormLabs try try again until someone runs out of patience. That is probably one reason why formLabs chooses to just recommend supports. Again, perfection is impossible in reality. All precision products made by man have a way to allow for imperfection. Compression is the answer for this printer. Now we need to deal with the compression to our best ability.

@KenCitron don’t print with supports parallel to the platform if it doesn’t fail it will still come out awful. For your coin parts try the following process:
Step 1:
Print the coin flat with no supports, and no padding in the middle of the print area.
Step 2:
If there is visible compression, or the print is too thin, go to Fine Tuning and set the Platform Height slightly higher by moving the slider to the left and go to Step 1.
If any part of the print doesn’t stick to the platform, or the print is too thick, go to Fine Tuning and set the Platform Height slightly lower by moving the slider to the right and go to Step 1.
If the part comes out fine then go to Step 3.
Step 3:
Print four coins one at each of the four corners.

If some of the four coins from the last print either show compression, aren’t thick enough, don’t stick fully, or are too thick, then your printer is most likely calibrated a little crooked. If that’s the case you can adjust your Platform Height how ever you would like it to compensate.

If you have moved the Platform Height slider all the way to the left and your prints still have compression or are too thin, then this feature request is for you.


That would all really depend on what trick you are referring too. If the trick is printing a part directly to the platform that is close to the correct height, has no noticeable distortion in the early layers, and doesn’t require changing the platform height for different resolutions, then no it doesn’t. If you remove the last two conditions, so it’s just printing a part directly to the platform that is close to the correct height, then yes it does. However the raft idea still could help a lot for parts that need a little help adhering.

The Trick was referring back to a previous post of mine that said my idea would mostly cancel the effects of compression. I still don’t doubt that. It is the necessary “other half” of implementing compression. But we are both right, printing direct on the platform will never be flawless.

Sorry if that came out wrong. However as for printing direct to the platform never being flawless on my second printer, where the z-offset was sufficient to let me remove the compression on most of my build area, I was able to get much closer to perfect on some prints than I could using a raft and compression combined. As a result I was being kind of defensive of the no compression method, because for some print jobs it can yield the best results.

@RocusHalbasch, no reason to be sorry at all. If it wasn’t for our discussion on this I wouldn’t have even had the idea. And your idea for the greater range for z-offset is also a great idea. I enjoy challenging ideas, it makes them better :smiley:

@KenCitron did you ever try the steps I listed above if so how did it turn out?

@Sam_Jacoby could you or someone from Formlabs read over this thread and add your thoughts on the responses and further discussion that has been had on this topic? It would be nice to hear what you guys think.

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I have the same thickness across the build platform, pretty much dead on.

Looks like my compression layers go as high as .177" which might be a little too much to mill off on such a fragile piece. Flycutting it seems a little rough and the feed rate is painfully slow. I’ll try an ordinary endmill and see if I get better results.

In the meantime I printed at a 60° angle with supports with 25µ layers and I think I can get more consistent results until this is all resolved.

Same issue happenes to my printer

Hi @bennli0,

I saw that you replied to a much older case that you are having similar issues; if the above information didn’t help, then be sure to reach out to our Support Team directly for more assistance. Thanks!