Gloves all gone

Where do you get your gloves? I’ve run out of the bag that comes with the Form2 and I am wondering if I should order online or just quickly go into Staples, Home Depot, or Lowes to get them. If they have them, and what should i be looking for in a ‘grade’ of glove to protect my hands?

I would get some powder free nitrile gloves (maybe someone can verify this) at the store or online depends mostly of the cost / time you’re ok with.

I’ll probably order some online as I’ve to order other stuff at the same time, from a shop like home depot.
But otherwise I’d try to find them in a hardware shop nearby.

I’m wondering the same thing, too. If someone from formlabs (@Frew maybe?) could help by giving us some links it would be very helpful.

From the support page :
Nitrile gloves

These are the gloves I use at the office: Ambitex powder free nitrile gloves. I suspect you can find them from many different vendors.

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I got these from Amazon:

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What do you think of this brand and this other brand?

Brand doesnt matter. A good fit will be more important. You dont need to get thick gloves, thin nitrile (powder free) are best. They dont even have to be nitrile; pvc or latex would also work:

Just buy your size and one size smaller and bigger, soon you will know what suits best. There are gloves with high sleeves but these are not necessary.
I normally use two pairs for every modell, because there is a 10min wait between cleaning the build platform thorougly / first rinse and the second rinse.

Don’t get black gloves. Best work in a darkened room or with a filtered yellow light during cleaning or handling photosensitive resin. I use light blue gloves and i can see if they are soiled.

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Your local ADAP or Pep Boys or other automotive supply store will likely have an assortment of powder-free latex gloves. This is where I buy mine, local car parts store.

Don’t go near the resin without gloves I have had rashes to prove otherwise.

It’s highly dependent on the person. I’ve gotten it all over my hands and haven’t had even dry skin. I wear gloves only because it’s easier than washing the stuff off my hands, not because it hurts my skin if I don’t wear gloves.

I actually reuse dish washing gloves. One pair has saved me a box of disposable gloves.

My wife puts the ones she uses for dishwashing into the Dishwasher to clean them. I suppose I could get some for my printing needs and just do the same. But the risks probably outweigh the benefits. She’d kill me if she noticed what I was doing, putting my printing stuff in the machine with dishes we eat from. The alternative of running the dishwasher with only my gloves in it is no good either. She’s an environmentalist. Won’t even use the heated speed-drying function. Running a load with just my gloves would not get any traction.

It’s a good idea, but Disposable is healthier for me in the long run. :slight_smile:


I just use a paper towel damped with alcohol to wipe them clean before I take them off - never ran them through the dishwasher. I think if she is an environmentalist she would appreciate you using one pair of gloves for every hundred.


$15 for a box of 100

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