Good nitrile gloves I've found

I’ve tried a bunch of different brands of nitrile and even vinyl gloves, and these are the best fitting (for me), the most comfortable and the toughest in tensile strength, have the most ‘feel through’, and the most durable. They have a nice texture on them, and I notice my hands are not sticky or sweaty when I take them off. I can re-wear a pair at least 5 times. I bought the box of 50 ($10.99USD) first to try them out, but the box of 100 is likely cheaper. Highly recommend them, and thought others may like them too.

Note: I have medium sized hands, and these fit like a second skin. If you have large hands or fat fingers, these may not be right for you. These are Rite-Aid pharmacy brand, so you’ll need access to their store (have not looked online though…).

100 count for $13.99. Free shipping if you can figure out how to spend another $21.

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I buy mine from costco in the UK. They are sitting alongside all the medicines at my local costco. Not sure if they are available in US locations but I get two boxes for just over a tenner.

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