Glass Transition for Clear Resin 3D Print

What would the glass transition temperature be for a model printed with clear resin? Also, would this temperature change with respect to being either post cured or in the green state.


Hi @Millerjm,

Clear Resin is a photopolymer, which is somewhat similar to a thermoset. These materials do not melt, so glass transition (Tg) isn’t measured. We do measure heat deformation temperature (HDT): for Clear Resin the HDT is 73.1 ºC @ 66 psi for post-cured parts. HDT in the green state is somewhat lower.

You can find the HDT of many Formlabs materials on the Material Data Sheet.


I am wondering about the properties of Formlabs Clear Resin under low temperatures. I am working on an application in which the printed part is to be exposed at -4ºC.

Thank you!

Hi @printingsg,

We don’t currently measure the properties of Formlabs Clear Resin in low temperatures. If you are successful using it in your application, we would love to learn more about your results!

For more information on Clear Resin (and all of our standard resins), you can also check out our official data sheet.