Glass Tank


You can make a Vat out of PETG too, easyer to source and work than PC and kind of the same characteristics :wink:
I’ll post back the source files for the Form One vat once i get my hands on one.

In the mean time here’s a link for some Cad files shared by another Master, unfortunately he no longer has the STEP files :frowning: and the other is designed on Sketchup :frowning:

Will be a good starting point to a Open rebuild tho :slight_smile:


Just found out one can use peopoly moai vats with a small mod to the back of the vat. Will eventually try out the FEP vat from my moai too

I have put up a photo album with my findings on the form1+ hope it helps someone


I guess Moai took the Form1 VAT as reference hehehe

No luck with Form2 VAT CAD’ing? :smiley:


Funny! Form2 has a chip, you know, for good or bad has been argued already. Unless you meant using the Open settings? The CAD for the Form2 is straight forward, a basic structure really.


The chip is not an issue. I got a 3D model of the tank as well.

The question is, what is the advantage? Making your own tanks? It saves you a lot of trouble to just buy a tank, use it up, replace the acrylic sheet with glass and recoat again.


You have a model of the tank? have you shared it? :slight_smile:


Another option is to buy there LT tank. There suppose to last ten times longer. Which might make it more cost effective than re-coating an existing tank.


Looks like LT tanks have as many or more issues than standard ones lately… You don’t surf the Facebook group right?


Nope, I don’t surf the Facebook group. And I am using a LT resin tank. I can’t say I’m having any issues with it. As far as I can tell it’s working fine.