Glass Tank


Naw, it’s definitely weird. I think the general idea is to keep people from digging up really old threads and notifying everyone who was involved with it previously. Numerous redundant threads on a single topic > one giant thread spanning multiple years on a single topic. It’s not the best way, it’s not the worst, I’m pretty indifferent.


Neat, thanks ZVat_Industries, I am glad you are looking into it!

I too would like glass because from what I have read it delivers superior print quality.


Hi, I am looking into purchasing a form 2 soon. Are your glass vats ready for sale at this time? What is pricing? I understand that the rubber later needs to be replaced occasionally. How long does this process take usually?


I would be interested in a glass based tray - I have a Form 2 and although I have not got through the first tray yet i would be happy to send it to you when its cloudy. I am based in the UK. Thanks.


Hey there Z-Vat… I would be interested in a vat for my Form 2 also… I will happily end you my old vat once burned up…Should be another week or so . just about ready to add the second litre of resin to it.

Was thinking about your orange Polycarbonite . Easy fix. I own a sign shop, Send me some drawings of your sides and I can cut you translucent Orange or red Vinyl appliques. Same stuff I use on lighted signs. and you could see your resin level (Shadow) through it. They do make a transparent orange also but would need to order that in and they can be proud of that one.
Build your box the apply the vinyl to the outside…
I could also Laser cut/etch/scribe the fill levels on the polycarb or acrylic.
and curious has anyone thought about using this instead of pouring rubber. (I also make molds and know what a PIA it can be.)
for $24 you could get 4 replaceable self stick covers as long as the adhesive is strong enough to withstand the the peal/pull

You have to type in Clear Silicone Sheet in the search box

my email is [email protected] or [email protected]



Any updates Zack? I have ordered my first package of supplies (~ $1800) so my wallet feels the pain of having to replace the trays frequently :money_mouth:


Hi Everybody,

I posted this in the classifieds but wanted to share here for all following this thread who expressed interest. When I have more time, I’d also like to post some pictures and updates of the other new developments going on at Z-Vat Industries. Thank you all for your support. :fire: :rocket: :new_moon_with_face:

I’m happy to announce that the Z-Vat 2 is now available! Continuing off of the popularity of the original Z-Vat, the Z-Vat 2 is a glass bottom resin tray compatible with the Form 2.

The Z-Vat 2 is built from a modified stock Form 2 tray: the standard acrylic base window is removed and replaced with an optical glass plate. By employing the original manufacturer’s tray in its design, the Z-Vat 2 preserves all the functionality of the Form 2 while utilizing the additional benefits of printing with glass.

The Z-Vat 2 is obtainable in two different ways:

-You can purchase one outright. Inventory is limited (about ten available at the time of this writing) and will be restocked as often as manufacturing capabilities allows.

-You can send in your Form 2 Tray, new or used, to be modified into a Z-Vat 2 and returned to you. Turnaround time for this service is eight business days or less.

Click here for the Z-Vat 2 and Z-Vat 2 Modification Service.

More details, including the advantages of printing with glass, is located on the product pages. You can also see our other Formlabs-compatible accessories, including Yellow Magic 7, the Z-Slip dust/light cover and PDMS re-coat services.

If you own a Form 2 but are are not interested in a Z-Vat 2, please note that we buy used/spent Form 2 resin trays. if you would like to sell us your used trays, please click here for more information.

Thank you,

Z-Vat Industries


I sympathize.


I’m interested in a tank as well! Will look through your page!


I get this when I click on your site link Zak:

’Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID’


Also I’m a bit confused about something. It says on the site ‘Polycarbonate Frame’ Though as these re-use the original Form 2 tank, won’t the plastic still crack after wiping with IPA? Sorry if this has been explained before Zak I’m a noob to the glass tank, though really love the idea of it more so for the positive environmental impact :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of a tank cracking after wiping in down with IPA. I know mine didn’t, and I’ve sent him 2 so far.


I just recently met Zak at the BAy Area Maker Faire and had a chance to talk to him about the product, as well as bought one of his tanks for my Form1+.

With regard to the Form1+ tank. The frame itself is made from a polycarbonate material that is not affected by IPA, and the bottom is made of glass. So technically, you could submerge the entire tank in IPA and not worry about it damaging it.

The Form2 on the other hand, is indeed re-purposed from the original Form 2 tanks, since it contains electronic components (RFID Chips ?), and he replaces the bottom with glass. According to Zak, unlike the FormLabs made Form 1 tanks, which are made from acrylic materials, the Form 2 tanks are indeed made from polycarbonate, so they should be impervious to IPA.

If you need additional information I’m sure Zak can provide it.


Ah cool, that makes sense now :slight_smile: How have you found the re-application of the PDMS layer? or do you get that sent to Zak for that part?


The tank came with a fresh layer of PDMS to start with, so I don’t need to do anything with it yet. IN fact, I haven’t used the Zvat yet, as I’m still working on my existing one, but once that’s spent, I’ll start working with the ZVat.

As for recoating, I’ve already done it a few times, and it works quite well, and it’s pretty easy to do. With the ZVat, it should be even easier, as it will allow me to clean it with IPA without worrying about damaging the acrylic.


Open Design, that’s what it said in the Hackaday, but i can’t seem to find the cad files for this vat anywhere

What am I missing?


Really, just how hard would it be to get a measuring tape and calipers, measure a tank and draw it yourself?


I just read the article in question. The “Open Design” reference is only in the title of the article. Nowhere in the article itself does it say the project is available as an open design.

Although if you really look at it, the design itself can only be made public by Formlabs as they are the ones that designed the shape and dimensions t start with.

Obviously they don’t seem to have an issue with others duplicating their design, which is why there is a nascent cottage industry for these vats. So as you can see, while the design itself is not public, there is nothing to stop you from copying it yourself.

But if you’re looking for freebies, where someone did all the hardwork you you just want to take the easy way out…


How does this vat lock into the carrier for peel?


The Form 2 Z-Vat is, as far as I know, an actual Form 2 vat that had the bottom acrylic windows replaced with a glass window.

The Form 1 Z-Vat, is generally the same design as the original Form 1+ vat from FormLabs, so it it locks in the dimples on the side.

The original all glass design I think was a one-off, from which the Z-Vat eventually came out.

I’m sure Zack can shed more light on this.


Your answer is rude and not helpfull.

It is a normal thing to have to replace the Vat and i’m not the only one thinking of this for sure.
This guy had the same Idea and made it into a business, that’ ok. Not ok that hackaday called it open source when it is not.

Makes no sense to reinvent the wheel if someone already did it well before you, I for once am one of those that is really gratefull to the Open Source Movement. I walk in the shoulders of Giants (those that care and share) Sharing makes the world a better place.

Second i was given a form1 without resin tank so i cannot really do that can I?

But even if I could I would still be asking since it is a matter of inteligent use of resources.

Something you apparently don’t care much about since you wasted everybody time and bandwith with your unhelpfull answer Master.

But thanks for your input anyways. i’ll find someone who can source me a dead vat for free and upload the Source files for the sake of future users.