Getting a lot of build lines now? Do I need to oil something?

I have a fresh tank, but getting increasing noticeable build lines? I’ve seen it mentioned I might have to oil the z axis but do not see any info on that in the support files… heres a picture. This was at .05 I’m probably at 200 hours on the printer.

It’s not likely that the Z axis is causing these lines and it tends to be decently obvious when the Z axis needs a bit of extra lubrication. Everyone describes the sound a dry Z axis makes differently but many equate it to that of a walrus or whale which isn’t far off…

Are you able to upload the .form file for this? That would help to rule out issues with orientation or hollow cavities in the model.

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See if you can rule something out, its been happening the last few projects…FORM file link…

That .form file looks to be well setup and there isn’t anything especially suspect that might cause this. Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by trying this with a new tank as well. Our support team is going to be best suited to take this from here and a member of our team will be in touch over email.

Thank you VERY much the level of support form you guys is worth every damn penny this thing cost

Could the table its on be vibrating enough to cause this?

I think I fixed it. I had a rubber pad under it and about the same time I did that it started. Though it was level, I think there were tiny vibrations ?? I took the pad out, re balanced and got a clean print

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