Optics test is great, but

So yeah everything is great but those columns with numbers appeared to be lower than they should be. What can i change in the settings or wherever to fix this?

You can adjust the Z Fine Tuning. The Z Offset can be tweaked to start the print with the build platform a little “further away” from the bottom of the tank (i.e. less compression).

It is applied for the first few layers, is it? it seems all the layers are compressed somehow thorough the whole print. As the result not the smooth surface at all

It does seem excessively compressed. If tweaking the Z Offset doesn’t correct it, I would certainly reach out to Support. (Also out of curiosity do you have any other Build Platforms you can try?)

raised the z axis by 0.5mm didn’t help. same result. Going to open a support ticket

Good idea. Seems like something might be out of alignment.

raising the z axis helped actually, just wasnt that obvious. Ended up raising by 1mm. Started the print. Will post the update