Galvomotor model

Can anybody have the information the exact model no of y galvomotor. My y galvomotor is dead and i want to replace it. Or can any body tell me the origin where can i get that motor

Bunnie Huang posted teardowns of the form 1 and form 2.

This picture shows the form 1 galvo assembly (assuming you have form 1) and the text “20K-0098” is visible on the motor - not sure if it is x- or y-axis.

Googling for “20K-0098 galvo” actually returns another thread from the formlabs forum in which another user had similar issues with the y-axis galvo: swapping out a bad galvo: the PhenixTech PT-20K is a drop-in replacement.

Good luck

The real problem with replacing the galvo on your own isn’t the process or procedure or even finding a replacement part, though it looks like finding it may be slightly difficult, It is calibrating the machine after the replacement. That can only be done by Formlabs. If you have a Form 1, then you MIGHT be able to mess with the pots to get it close. The Form 1+ is calibrated internally with software ( I believe). Unfortunately, I think you are best off getting a quote for the repair from Formlabs and have them do it.


@saadahmd You can replace and recalibrate the galvo’s yourself in the Form1 as per my thread above linked by @100ideas - but not in the Form1+ or Form2 - as @DavidRosenfeld mentions the Form1+ is calibrated electronically via a Formlabs designed custom galvo control board.

The original Form1 however used an off the shelf galvo control board (and galvos) which has potentiometers on the board to adjust the galvos. As I say, see my thread linked above on how to make the replacement.

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