Fuse 1+ Z axis scaling

With the current X/Y scaling, the flat dimensions can be achieved relatively well. Is something similar also possible for the Z-axis?
We currently see a dimensional deviation between -0.3 and -0.5 mm in the Z-axis for all components. In my opinion, a corresponding adjustment of the components in CAD would be a very complex solution.

you can individually adjust x/y/z scaling in Preform. Is that what you’re asking?

Thanks for the suggestion! In my opinion, scaling is not possible individually. This means that as soon as I reduce the z dimension, the x and y dimensions are automatically reduced as well. (Preform 3.33.2)
However, if it were possible to fix x and y dimensions, this would be a possible solution - even if it is a bit complicated to adjust this for every part.
The perfect solution would be something like a Z-axis offset compensation using a test piece for measurement.

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Hi there!
We have experienced the same thing. Sometimes it is very confusing. A simple and quick compensation would be great.


Unfortunately I have the same problem. And it applies to all axes. Even when I use the X/Y calibration, the dimensions do not fit as they should after the proof print.

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