Has anyone used the fine-tuning X/Y scaling yet?

On default settings my 80mm calibration piece prints at 79.6mm when aligned with the X-axis, so I set the X scaling factor to 0.6% - and my part still prints at 79.6mm.

Has anyone used these settings successfully yet?

I’m trying a larger scale factor of 2.6% now just to see if anything happens.

nope - still nothing, this 80mm part prints at 79.6mm wide whether I have the default 0% X-axis scaling, 0.6%, or 2.6% scaling - all three configurations it prints the same width.

Has anyone else used scaling? does it work?


That’s messed up, they don’t have their X and Y mixed up do they?

Nope - not mixed up, before this last print I was also printing a the same piece oriented in Y at the same time - and that with scaling in the opposite direction -0.2% - also no change, part printed same dimension 80.15/80.2mm with default 0% scaling and identical with -0.2% scaling.

Scaling is simply doing nothing on my machine - does it work for anyone else?


I would love to fine tune my calibration and see if this new feature actually worked… BUT since I am out of commission again with a 3rd failed printer I can not help test out this new feature.

Good luck!