X/Y calibration - saving several calibrations

I’m really pissed off already. After two years, when the dimensions of the printed part do not correspond to the dimension, I found out that there is an X/Y calibration in the menu. OK. I calibrated the printer according to the procedure, and it reported deviations of about -0.6% in both axes. I was looking forward to the measurements being more accurate now. Yes, they are, but on the contrary they are rather smaller - to negative values. I performed further calibrations to refine the result. Great. Unfortunately, the older models I’ve modeled over the past two years don’t fit me now. I have to adjust the manufacturing tolerances on all of them. That’s the problem, there are a lot of models. But what is a bigger problem, my customers for whom I print have the same problem.
I reset the machine to factory settings in the hope that it will print the “wrong” dimensions again. Looks like it does. The problem is that I don’t want to keep printing with the wrong dimensions. I would like to print as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, the printer does not have the memory to store multiple calibrations, with only two states being the X and Y correction in %. Unfortunately, as I found out, it is not possible to write down these values even on paper and manually insert them into the machine, for specific prints, because the calibration values are not based on absolute values, but on relative values. This is really a programmer’s file.
so if someone enters the wrong calibration number and confirms it, it is not possible to go back to the previous calibration, even if they knew the previous X/Y values.
Please create positions for different calibrations, or at least change the relative calibration to an absolute calibration so that it can be used.

If I calibrate once every 3 months to keep the machine in great condition, customers will be upset because the production tolerances they set for printing from my machine will not fit them.


Hi @Kostbone,

Thank you for the feedback regarding multiple sets of calibrations; I will pass along that feature request internally. I would also advise in the interim to get in touch with our Support Team if you haven’t already; if there is anything that can be done to assist in calibrating your machine, we will be sure to help!