How accurate does your Fuse 1+ print?

Hi all,

For producing parts for in house machines and print jobs for fellow machine builders, we have had a Fuse 1+ since early 2023.

Since the beginning, I have had problems with accurate printing of larger parts. The dimensional deviation is up to 1mm.
After intensive contact with support, the printer was replaced last week (RMA). For the build chambers, I received a new one earlier because of layer shifting. Unfortunately, however, the accuracy problems have not been solved so far.

I am curious if there are others printing similar parts, and what accuracy they achieve.

Although the solution has been several months in the making now, I can’t imagine that with this I have reached the limits of what is possible with the printer.

Parts are nested in the build chamber as below.

Width of the part should be 120mm.


The part is narrower in the middle.

I would love to hear your experiences, examples, tips and/or ideas.

For your information; optical cassette is cleaned every print. X-Y scaling has been performed.

The biggest thing when it comes to accuracy (atleast for us) it is placement in the chamber that is key. Some items we have had to re-arrange to get 100% accuracy. Other than that we´ve had no trouble with accuracy. We´ve been running our Fuse1 and Fuse1+ for 18 months and 6 months respectively. we´ve had other issues tho but not relating to accuracy.

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@Andreasemilsson Can you indicate what accuracy you achieve with the Fuse 1+?

I’ve printed XY calibration 4 times in a row, and finally the results form the measuring points were within +0,14mm and -0,12mm. But when I print parts (tried with different orientations), I still have accuracy of -0,3mm on 50mm measuring length.

Here are the results of the XY-scaling tests:

I put the question to Formlabs how the logic behind the XY-scaling works, in order to get the 30mm and 90mm length closer to nominal value. Haven’t got an answer yet.

My question is if the software will scale the whole print after adjusment. Or is it able to shrink the 30mm lenght, keep the 60mm lenght almost the same and stretch the 90mm a bit.

Hi @WoTech.

I havent done any calibration prints as of late but once i do i´ll post em here.

Okay, and the parts you print. Do you ever measure those? Within what +/- tolerance do those usually fall?

Yeah we do. :smiley: They are within -0.2mm to +0,2mm pretty much. Rarely see higher numbers. Haven´t seen bigger difference than that. We print quite small parts tho. The bigger the parts, the bigger inaccuracy from what i´ve seen when we have done custom prints.

What do see from time to time is that holes in an object are´nt always 100% cirular. They can be a bit oval some times. Not often but it happens. And since we need as perfect as possible we sort those parts out during assembly.

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