Top and bottom of part different quality. Is this normal?

Hi Everyone!

Have a Fuse1+ that we havent used in a while. Turned it on recently to some firmeware updates and realized the parts were coming out a bit different in size. Ran the x/y calibration and realized our printer has very different quality for the top and bottom. Top comes out very crisp and clean while anything printed on the bottom seems to be dull, edges are rounded. Don’t remember if this was a thing when we got it and wondering if this is normal and just how it prints.

Pic included to show front and back. We have printed other items and its the same. Anything facing the bottom of the print bed is kinda fuzzy, while anything on top is very clean and crisp.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah, always been like that. Soft = down, hard = up.

I think it´s mentioned in the documentation on how to prepare prints with the Fuse series. Same for both Fuse 1 and Fuse 1+.

Thank you so much! We never really printed detail like that before so wanted to make sure that nothing happened while it was sitting. Really appreciate your time and response.

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Anytime. Good luck with your printing.