Fuse 1 thoughts




I have both the Ultimaker 3 and Form2, I might sell my UM3 for a Fuse 1 depends if the Fuse 1 can replace it.

@Demetrio, nice !

This image seems to confirm it’s something related to powder that’s a strong looking hinge:


If not an SLS machine how about a vacuum casting machine?

It would compliment the Form2 and any ongoing SLA tech perfectly also another revenue stream on a new range of consumables?

But the name FUSE na that would be FLOW?


I really think that is all about clean/ afordable SLS printer.
FDM… is a step backwards!


Well, its been announced. $9999 for machine, several thousand more for the rest of the stuff.

Strong and flexible black nylon powder. Interested in cost of materials.

You want to load as many parts as possible to take advantage of build volume and no structural supports.

Love it that they have a $1,000 reservation plan and you can cancel at any time.

Would like to know about cost of materials and any future plans on materials.

Looking forward to online broadcast in an hour.


I also want to know about materials pricing.
Info on the post processing part would be nice also considering the following pricing:
Fuse 1 $9999
Post processing + support plan + build chamber + nylon 12 $10000


Not gonna lie, kinda pricey, If its worth it I would have to sell both of my printer…


Cheered me up some, I was afraid that I’d be disappointed if Formlabs released an SLS for a low cost as that’s what I really wanted (a desktop SLS) prior to deciding to get the Form2…

The Sinterit Lisa was just too much of a stretch for me financially and the Fuse1 is in the same ball park so now happy I still made the right decision.


I found the keynote to lack so much information about the machine and what kind of powder they plan on supporting. How strong is the laser, what kind of laser is it?


agreed need to know materials … accuracy etc …

hoping for precious metals tho i doubt it will come to be.


We’ll be answering questions in the new Fuse 1 and Form Cell thread.


Hello Frew

Is it possible to see closer images of the surface of printed parts?

This is one of the important questions for me.

Thank you



@SonKim spec sheet here https://formlabs.com/media/upload/Fuse_1_Tech_Specs.pdf

Nice one Max I think an industry game changer again!

However that saddle in the vid I wouldn’t want to test it …


I’m curious to know if anyone can provide some examples of where SLS is a true production solution. From my perspective, the surface quality, porosity, and limited material choice makes it hard for me to see how the technology can be used for production parts.


Remember that production means different things to different people. The biggest industry that I know of that uses SLS for production (non-structural) is aviation. Production volume in aviation can be in the hundreds.

Others are dentistry (ceramics) and the hobby industry with low volume option parts (polyamide/nylon).


Will it be possible to use Alumide powder or any other composite material in Fuse 1 printer? If so what would be the rough cost of the powder?


I would bet they have a look at Alumide soon. Mechanically it’s very similar to polyamide (it’s aluminum and polyamide). But might have different heat and abrasion capabilities so it would be interesting. Also, add the carbon reinforced material to the list.

Process temperatures are fairly similar but the light absorption from the laser might be different due to the material color. If they have a little headroom on the laser power it should work.


Fuse 1 will be shipping with PA11 and PA12 but we’re continuously looking into additional material offerings.


Are you or any of your distributor planing to present Fuse 1 on any of UK shows or events this year? So I can see quality of this machine?


I found sharebot snowwhite spec. and with just 4 Watt stronger but CO2 laser they are able to sinter Alumide and Carbomide. I also had a word with Sinterit engineer during TCT show in Birmingam last year and he admit they are trialling Alumide as well. See below SLS printer compare I did. Maybe it will be useful for someone