Fuse 1 thoughts

Any guess on what the Fuse 1 will be?
The curing stations are cool. A little pricey, especially when you have a current working setup at home already with a custom UV box. The washing station seems pretty fantastic though.

I have a fairly crude cure box set-up at home now with no heat so the cure box is the main thing I’m looking at.

It’s not exactly hard to agitate IPA. Automatically raising the part out of the IPA is a nice feature though.

Seems pretty expensive! I’m sure they would be indispensible if you are printing all the time for other people but I’m not sure I need another piece of micro controlled injection moulding in my life !

I’m hoping the Fuse 1 is an SLS, I think it’ll be quite expensive if it is though, at least three times the price of the Form2.

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Maybe it’s the NexD1 polyjet printer that was suspended on kickstarter. :smiley:

Fuse as in: multi material fusing.


SLS is more likely than jetting. I think a bunch of the SLS patents have expired.

I think the jetting patents are still active and Stratasys would be pretty expensive to license from.

For those that might be confused: https://formlabs.com/3d-printers/fuse-1/

Hard to say what type it could be

I’m gonna say it’s probably an SLS printer given the recent expiration of several patents related to the technology. Who knows though, can’t wait to find out!

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30 days is a long wait though.

@Formlabs_Sales can we get some more hints in the meanwhile?!

Adjusted brightness. Gives a bit more details.


Formlabs is releasing the information at a conference named the digital factory, could this mean an end to end SLA solution? I’m thinking a machine that combines all the products, SLA machine, bath, and cure. Would even be slick to have the machine batch jobs making it into a “factory” of sorts. This would allow the user to go from digital design to physical parts with minimal post processing.

Let’s see… Display and possibly electronics are on top. Vents on the side; maybe a fan behind that grill. Looks like a fairly thick door on the front. Hard to tell if there are any slots for resin cartridges. Anyone else glean any hints off this?

“Fuse” made me think SLS at first too, but there are so many challenges bringing that to the desktop, and given their growing lineup of materials (“ink sales” probably being the lifeblood of the company) I’d be surprised. Could also be some kind of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). Or something completely different :-).

I hopes it’s not another FDM printer, the world does not need another FDM printer. SLS would be ideal, something for ceramic or metal powder.

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@SonKim I hear that. Actually when I said SLS had “so many challenges” I was thinking metal sintering. An SLS for printing in plastic without supports (and maybe their experimental ceramic material, which could presumably then cast metal) would be easier.

I hope for something like an objet printer.

It can be a 3D scanner…are you sure is a printer?? For the shape don’t look as a printer…

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The teaser picture could show the unit upside down as well :slight_smile:
I would do that if I was at Formlabs marketing department :smiley:


My guess is the Fuse is an SLS rig.
Mechanically, they can be fairly similar to an SLA so I think wouldn’t be too much of a leap to get there.

Maybe it’s a proprietary blue tooth speaker that makes a beep sound when your form2 is done…

It could be sls but have my doubts due to the costs of the lasers for them. Maybe a polyjet or fdm?


What if they design and build their own laser, would it make it cheaper? FUSE 1 could also be a metal clay printer. I like the idea of a printer that lets me use my own ceramic/metal powder blend. It’s not easy to find specific ceramic resin(i…e extremely high-k dielectric).

We already sort of did this :wink:

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