Free roll view and other annoying PreForm quirks

I am using Preform 1.9.1

In the more recent versions of PreForm at least 2 view options have been eliminated. There is a side to the part I am printing right now I have NO way of seeing with current view options. Just can’t get there. Whose “good idea” to REMOVE view options was this? Just shoot them now. There used to be front. back, left, right, top and bottom. Front and back are gone.

I have asked for this before. Free rolling view & email to the forum

Make a free roll option to be able to roll, view and zoom from any direction.

Also… I am running Win7 Professional. The Preform menus frequently flicker and disappear especially when moving to the right to click a selection. It is very annoying. This was never a problem at all in older versions of Preform.

I am asking for a “ticket” for someone to look into this.



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