Formlabs warranties starting to degrade

Sad to see Formlabs starting to have some serious issues. I guess they’ve hired some snappy MBA’s to show them how pumping their customer base is really done. They’ve subtly started to slow boat service for the standard warranties issued on the Form 2. Guess what I actually had a rep suggest that if I wanted the problems fixed just a bit quicker on my 5 month old machine I should sign up for a pro-service plan! Wha? So if I don’t pony up an extra $500.00 bucks my repair will take a month or two? So the standard warranty is a 3rd rate warranty now without an extra cash infusion to upgrade it? Ha ha what a joke.

It takes days for the company to ship products. Sure the card is charged pronto, but where’s the stuff? I ordered several cartridges of material and it took four days after the charge to even get the material shipped. Shoot maybe they’ll develop a pro-shipping plan! Pay $500.00 per year to have your orders shipped on time.

Seriously when they started they would stop at nothing to help customers out, that’s why I liked this company. Oh how times have changed. Maybe time to check out the Uniz Slash or Kudo 3D?

Clearly they are having cash flow issues, what else would explain they’re bullying customers into the pro service plans? So sad.

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I can echo the shipping issues. They also end up using their own shipping method not what we request and have already had a shipment go missing. Not all purchase orders we sen get processed either. At least one has gotten lost in sales.

Hi @vilija1024 and @rmclaughlin,

First off, thank you for buying and using our products.

I have been building and running the service team for over four years now and can assure you that we absolutely have not changed the way we provide services to our customers. In fact, we are constantly trying to improve.

We have been offering the Pro Service Plan since spring of 2015 and it does not provide a faster repair.

But it includes (besides phone support, a 30 min one-on-on video training, and a little bit faster email turnaround time of around 2-3 business hours instead of 4-5) an “express replacement”. That means, in case of a repair, we will ship you a pre-repaired (in lots of cases actually new) unit while your defect machine is on its way to our repair shops. That means it will limit your downtime and you don’t have to wait for your actual unit to be repaired (which usually takes 5-7 business days plus shipping time).

My apologies if this has not been communicated clearly.

Regarding the shipping problems, you are describing: we are aware that occasionally, things don’t ship as fast as we want them to. We are currently working on improving our entire logistics processes and will have some exciting updates to share soon.

Also, you absolutely can use your own shipping account for shipment. Simply get in touch with our Sales team and they will be happy to assist you.

@rmclaughlin in the case your shipment went missing, did you get in touch with us so we can make that right?

I hope this clarifies things and please always let us know where we can do better and didn’t meet your expectations!


One of the reps I was assigned to, Saif is so poor at communication that I ended up just ordering from my go to vendor - Engitype. Same day shipment on my form 2 with lt tray and resins. They also took the time to show me what the machine can and can’t do. So just a tip, may consider going with a reseller since some will give you that attention.

Can’t wait to read about that !

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Yes, I will commend you guys, it was all cleared up quickly. But our purchasing group was still frustrated that the instructions on our purchase ordered were ignored during order entry on you end.