Formlabs the early years (to be screened on NetFlix)

Netflix starts streaming ‘Print the Legend’ on the 26th Sept

For all those Kickstarter backers way back when, the release of the fly on the wall documentary that should enlighten us to the back room story of our front of house frustrations.

Although the coms to backers could have been better managed they were managed and what the potential damage may have been was mitigated.

It will be interesting to see what the real issues were although, IP warfare, crazy company growth, who can manage that growth, component quality, problem solving (short and longer term) , raising the capital, investor’s conditions, not enough hours in a day, who know’s?

That said Form1 backers had it easy compared to vrAse Kickstarter backers

Here’s a link to the trailer/s

(OK Makerbot’s also in it)


cool, i can’t wait. !!

…and all the sequels that will follow!

This should be fun to watch!

… just realized, Print the Legend to be released on the second anniversary of the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign.
A symbolic nod to Formlabs supporters (?) as an International backer myself true to Form Netflix delayed the release until the following day here.

Even if you’re someone who is not into 3d printing it’s well crafted and enjoyable.


I watched it last night and I really like it. It had a “social network” feel to it. I liked the fact that you don’t have to be a slick talking douchebag to be a founder of a successful company. A big win for FormLabs and Max.